Cultivate Depth: Spiritual Practices for our Everyday Lives
Two Helpful Books to get you started:
A classic: “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster
Very accessible: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” by John Ortberg
Website with a wealth of information/guidance on the disciplines and spiritual formation: Renovare .
Great Podcasts on Spiritual Formation and Practices:
“Renovare Podcast” by Nathan Foster
“Things Above” by James Bryan Smith
Week Two: The Practice of Prayer
Article: “How to Intercede Like Jesus” by Jan Johnson
Book Excerpt: “Prayer-Finding the Hearts True Home” by Richard Foster
Sermon:  Prevailing Personal Prayer by Timothy Keller – A sermon (on YouTube) about the importance of “praying in secret” and also how we pray. 
Prayers:  Morning Prayers by John Baille  – sometimes it helps to have written prayers to pray.  The Psalms are a good choice.  Try Psalm 4 in the evening and Psalm 5 in the morning!
Week One: Introduction to the Spiritual Practices (1/6/2019)

Cultivate Depth: Intro

A simple definition: A spiritual practice is any practice that draws us closer to the heart of God and helps us to be aware of God’s presence and grace.
“God’s transforming grace will not enter our lives without our effort.  Grace is opposed to earning, but not to effort.” – Dallas Willard
Notes from Our First ClassIntroduction to Spiritual Practices Handout