FPC is a community who calls and equips disciples of Jesus Christ and whose actions, beliefs, and internal characters reflect the life of Jesus Christ. Our small groups are designed to incorporate all of who we are called to be as a disciple of Jesus Christ: Worship, Bible Study, Healing, Inviting, and Serving.
It is our hope that all members of our Church family have a small group that they are connected to, as these groups are the avenue through which we not only learn, but also are cared for and empowered to serve.
Interested in starting or being in a small group?
We will help you start your own small group. It’s so simple. Just gather a couple of friends and have them do the same. With 6-8 people, you have a group!  The guidelines we have are educational and practical. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will be fully equipped to lead followers of Jesus Christ in God-filled relationships and community. Contact Sarah Dickinson for more information. Small group leaders! We have a toolbox of resources for you. Please click here